Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Ben & Jerry’s tackle home secretary over migrant crossings – and get a chilly response

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has taken on Home Secretary Priti Patel over moves to stem the surge in migrant Channel crossings – and received a chilly response.

The frosty exchange came after the company challenged the cabinet minister on Twitter and criticised the “lack of humanity” shown to those making the perilous journey.

But a Home Office source soon hit back, defending Ms Patel’s handling of the crisis, adding if that meant upsetting the social media team “for a brand of overpriced junk food then so be it”.

Ms Patel has been leading the government’s response to the increase in numbers of migrants making the hazardous voyage during the calmer summer conditions at sea.

Criminal gangs demand thousands of pounds for passage on overcrowded small boats that often barely have enough fuel to reach UK waters.

More than 4,000 people have made it across the world’s busiest shipping lane so far this year, with at least 597 arriving between Thursday and Sunday.

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