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Tesco promises to match Aldi prices on hundreds of its products

Tesco has said it will match Aldi prices on hundreds of its own brand products, starting today.

From Thursday 5 March, own brand products from potatoes to butter and mince will have their prices linked to Aldi's, while branded goods such as Silver Spoon sugar and Warburton's bread will also be linked.

Tesco Chief Customer Officer Alessandra Bellini said: “Our customers tell us they want the most competitive prices on the things they buy regularly. 

"This campaign will help time-poor and budget savvy customers get Tesco products at Aldi prices on products that matter to them.”

Customers will be able to see in store which products are matched, thanks to a new symbol appearing on the shelves and online – a red bubble with a large tick.  These will be displayed at the shelf edge and will be called out online.

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Tesco said it will be sending researchers to Aldi twice a week to check out the latest prices in England, Scotland and Wales.

"Prices of the products included will be checked to give customers peace of mind, offering Tesco products at Aldi prices for simple, great value," Tesco added.

And the in-store prices are also be available online – letting you get products at Aldi prices delivered straight to your door for the first time.

Some of the products included in the price match

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  • Tesco Greek Style Yoghurt 500G £0.69 – Aldi equivalent, Brooklea Yoghurt Greek Style 500g
  • Tesco British Salted Block Butter 250G £1.49 – Aldi equivalent, Cowbelle Butter Salted 250g
  • Warburtons Toastie Sliced White Bread 800G £1.05 – Aldi equivalent, Warburtons Bread White Toastie 800g
  • Tesco Lean Beef Steak Mince 5% Fat 500G £1.99 – Aldi equivalent, Ashfield Farm Beef Mince 5% Fat 500g
  • Hearty Food Co. Garlic Baguette 170G £0.32 – Aldi equivalent, Everyday Essentials Garlic Baguette 170g
  • Suntrail Farms Soft Citrus Pack 600G £0.75 – Aldi equivalent, Oranges Easy Peelers Everyday Essentials 600g
  • Rosedene Farms Raspberries 125g £1.32 – Aldi equivalent, Raspberries Punnet Everyday Essentials Wonky 125g
  • Suntrail Red Grapes 400g £0.85 – Aldi equivalent, Grapes Everyday Essentials Wonky 500g
  • Nightingale Farms Baby Plum Tomatoes 250g £0.72 – Aldi equivalent, Tomatoes Plum Baby 275g
  • Nightingale Farms Peppers 375g £0.95 – Aldi equivalent, Peppers Mixed Any 3pk
  • Tesco Whole Cucumber (each) £0.57 – Aldi equivalent, Cucumber Single (each)
  • Redmere Farms Mushrooms 380g £0.82 – Aldi equivalent, Mushrooms Natures Pick Wonky 650g
  • Tesco Iceberg Lettuce (each) £0.62 – Aldi equivalent, Lettuce Iceberg (each)
  • Tesco Ready to Eat Large Avocados (Each) £0.95 – Aldi equivalent, Avocado Single (each)
  • Tesco Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg £1.95 – Aldi equivalent, Potatoes Maris Piper Any Brand 2.5kg
  • Tesco Pre Pack Broccoli 350g £0.57 – Aldi equivalent, Brassicas Broccoli Any Brand 360g
  • Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar 1kg £0.65 – Aldi equivalent, The Pantry Sugar Granulated 1kg
  • Stockwell & Co Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420g £0.22 – Aldi equivalent, Everyday Essentials Baked Beans 420g
  • Tesco Microwave Basmati Rice 250g £0.45 – Aldi equivalent, Worldwide Rice Microwavable Basmati 250g
  • Growers Harvest Orange Juice Smooth 1L £0.69 – Aldi equivalent, The Juice Company Juice Orange Smooth 1L

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