Monday, 2 Aug 2021

Analysis & Comment

Your Friday Briefing

Good morning. We’re covering the E.U.’s surging vaccination rates, China’s gold medal strategy and growing tensions in Afghanistan. E.U. vaccinations surpass the U.S. The 27 member states altogether have now administered more coronavirus vaccine doses per 100 people than the U.S.: 102.66 to 102.44. This month, the bloc also overtook the U.S. in first injections […]

Opinion | How the Politics of Condo Living Can Undermine Safety

People watched the video of the horrific collapse of a portion of Champlain Towers South in June and asked themselves, “How could this happen, especially in the United States?” We shouldn’t speculate at this juncture on what caused that tragedy. It is likely to take months, if not years, for experts in forensic engineering to […]

Opinion | Am I Too Alarmed About Democracy? Or Is Ross Douthat Too Chill?

Produced by ‘The Ezra Klein Show’ Am I too panicked about the future of American democracy? My colleague Ross Douthat thinks so. He points to research suggesting that voter ID laws and absentee voting have modest effects on elections and the reality that Republican state officials already have tremendous power to alter election outcomes — […]

Opinion | Homelessness Threatens Democracy

Even if you don’t live in California, you’ve probably seen the pictures of tents lining Venice Beach. Or maybe you’ve seen photographs of Oakland’s sprawling homeless encampments, or the crowds of people living on the street in Los Angeles’s Skid Row neighborhood. Those images, while stark, do not come close to capturing the scope of […]

Opinion | Biden Needs a Special Envoy on Covid. Enlist Bush.

The Biden administration says it wants to end the pandemic in 2022. If it’s serious about that goal, President Biden should relieve George W. Bush of his paintbrush and easel and draft him as America’s vaccine envoy. The world remembers W. for Iraq. But Mr. Bush was also the first global health president. Millions of […]

Opinion | Germany Is in Shock. Its Politicians Are on Autopilot.

BERLIN — Germany, unlike the United States, doesn’t really have a history of natural disasters. Blessed with a moderate climate and fortunate geography, the country knows little of hurricanes, strong earthquakes or heavy rain. That changed last week: Floods, after exceptionally heavy rainfall, devastated parts of the country, affecting Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, too. […]

Opinion | Robot Therapists? Not So Fast, Says Talkspace C.E.O.

Produced by ‘Sway’ Talk therapy has seen a boom during the pandemic. And with mental health chat bots like Woebot on the market and text therapy platforms like Talkspace going public, the possibility of humans outsourcing our behavioral health to algorithmic healers is only growing — along with the ethical questions attached to it. So […]

Your Monday Briefing

Good morning. We’re covering coronavirus cases in Indonesia, devastating floods in Europe and the rise of militias in Afghanistan. Indonesia is the pandemic’s epicenter The suffering that ravaged India and Brazil has reached Southeast Asia. Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation, now has the world’s highest count of new infections, with 57,000 new cases reported […]