Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023


Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran fans test Verizon’s network at Empower Field

When Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran came to Empower Field at Mile High for concerts this summer, the hugely popular signers tested the stadium’s wireless capacity in ways it hadn’t ever been tested before. Actually, it was the fans, not the singers, who were doing the testing, moving 2.5 times the amount of data seen […]

3M Says It Will Pay $6 Billion to Resolve Combat Earplug Lawsuits

3M, the chemical and manufacturing giant, said on Tuesday that it reached a $6 billion settlement over claims that it had sold defective combat earplugs to the U.S. military. The lawsuits were brought by military service members and veterans who claimed that the earplugs sold by 3M had led to hearing damage and tinnitus, a […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Can Be Confusing. Here’s What to Know.

With a push from Congress, automakers and charging companies are planning to install tens of thousands of fast chargers on American highways capable of refueling electric cars in half an hour or less. That’s good news for anyone who owns an electric car or is thinking about buying one. But it’s also confusing because of […]

The Silicon Valley Elite Who Want to Build a City From Scratch

In 2017, Michael Moritz, the billionaire venture capitalist, sent a note to a potential investor about what he described as an unusual opportunity: a chance to invest in the creation of a new California city. The site was in a corner of the San Francisco Bay Area where land was cheap. Mr. Moritz and others […]

Kansas Paper Warns Police Not to Review Information on Seized Devices

A lawyer for The Marion County Record, a Kansas newspaper that was raided by the police late last week, demanded that the town’s Police Department not review any information on the devices it seized until a court hearing could be scheduled. The lawyer, Bernard J. Rhodes, said in a letter to Marion’s police chief, Gideon […]

UBS to Pay $1.4 Billion to Settle Financial-Crisis Fraud Case

The Swiss-banking giant UBS agreed on Monday to pay $1.4 billion to settle U.S. claims that it misrepresented bonds backed by mortgages sold in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, a sign that the legacy of the turmoil that engulfed the global financial system continues to haunt Wall Street. The settlement with […]

Make the Whole Place Shimmer: America Spends Big for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift

By Jeanna Smialek and Jordyn Holman Photographs by DeSean McClinton-Holland and Maggie Shannon Beyoncé told us that girls run the world. This summer, she and Taylor Swift seemed to prove it. Both Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” and Ms. Swift’s “Eras” tours have become cultural phenomena that have swept across social media and are poised to shatter real-world […]

G.M. Will Add Backup Power Function to Its Electric Vehicles

General Motors said Tuesday that it planned to equip all its electric cars and trucks with the capability to act as backup power supplies during blackouts. The decision to install two-way charging technology in Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC electric cars and trucks, enabling them to power homes in an emergency, shows how carmakers are marketing […]

Offshore Wind Runs Into Rising Costs and Delays

Vattenfall, a Swedish energy company, has for years been doing preliminary work for what would be one of the world’s largest offshore wind complexes, in the North Sea off eastern England. Now, there are questions about whether this project will ever be built. Last month, Vattenfall said it would halt the first of three phases […]

Markets Still Weigh the Meaning of a U.S. Credit Rating Cut

The fallout from Fitch’s downgrade continues Stocks appear set to open lower today, after falling yesterday in the wake of Fitch Ratings downgrading the United States’s AAA credit rating. (Treasury yields rose as well.) White House officials, economists and some prominent Wall Street leaders said the move, which took the U.S. rating to AA+ because […]