Friday, 29 Sep 2023

World News

Fighter jets scrambled as Poland ‘flies into Belarus airspace’

Belarus: Build up of troops on Polish border discussed by expert Belarus claimed Thursday that Polish aircraft had violated its airspace, prompting Russia’s number one ally to scramble aircraft in response. The country’s Ministry of Defense said on Telegram: “Around 3.20pm the aircraft crossed the border of the Republic of Belarus, flew to a depth […]

Russian unit was washed away after destroying Ukraine’s dam

A Russian trooper revealed the brutal damage from Moscow’s strike on a Ukrainian dam, saying his own force was washed away and left “in underpants” hanging from trees. In June, the Kakhovka Dam was breached, leading to a massive flood along the Dnipro River in Kherson. At least 53 Ukrainians died and caused an environmental […]

Local dinosaur sculpture headed to Ripley’s museum in Craig

On Monday morning, a 2,035-pound dinosaur departed Craig on a flatbed trailer migrating south. The aluminum sculpture by local artist Rick Kawchack has found a new home with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! at its museum in Grand Prairie, Texas. Kawchack completed the massive piece in 2013 after two years and 2,000 hours of work. […]

New weather forecast shows 14-day mini-heatwave lasting into October

It’s usually time for big coats – but you may just have to hang fire. The unseasonably warm weather looks set to continue well into the next fortnight, with forecasts showing highs up to 23C today and 20C as late as October 10 in Heathrow, London, which is often the warmest place in the UK. […]

‘Psycho seagulls terrorised me so much I had to move – they left me bloodied’

Psycho seagulls are causing sleep deprivation to fed-up residents and even stealing ducklings in a city plagued by attacks. One local, Gavin, warned the winged menaces are showing “increasingly aggressive behaviour” in the picturesque city of Bath. He said they wake him up at 3am and stop him from getting back to sleep. “It’s been […]

Bar staff banned from saying ‘same again’ to drinkers in case they get too drunk

Pub staff are being told to stop saying a popular phrase to those drinking at their establishment as it may encourage drinkers to get too drunk. A new ruling from the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking says bartenders should not ask certain questions to those who may be after another tipple. Asking "same again?" or […]

Devastating moment Russian troops are blown up by Ukrainian cluster bombs

Ukrainian Cluster munitions hit Russian soldiers laying prone This is the devastating moment an entire Russian squad lying prone is blown up by Ukraine cluster bombs in yet another huge hammer blow to Vladimir Putin’s war plan. A dramatic video posted on a Telegram channel and shared on Reddit today appears to show several troops […]

Denver Post wins 29 awards, General Excellence at Colorado Press Association

The Colorado Press Association honored the staff of The Denver Post with 29 awards — including 18 first-place prizes — over the weekend, and awarded the newspaper three coveted sweepstakes wins in the General Excellence, Editorial, and Photo and Design Categories. The sweepstakes prizes are awarded based on a news organization’s overall performance in its […]