Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Biden blasted for ‘monumental disaster’ as 11,000 migrants head to the US-Mexico border

President Biden pleads for Congress to act on gun control

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Due to the organised nature of a migrant caravan, the larger it is, the safer it is for migrants who are under threat of human and drug traffickers forcing them to work for them. Joe Biden is hoping that the summit this week in Los Angeles will address regional migration and economic challenges in hopes to repair the damage done by Donald Trump to Latin America relations.

However, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed on Monday that he would not be attending the convention in an act of protest after leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited. 

Washington stated that the reasons behind leaving them out was a “lack of democratic space” and “human rights situations”. 

Now, the President has to face the ever-growing migrant caravan which is currently 11,000 strong as he heads to the Summit to address the migrant crisis.

The caravan left Tapachula on the border between Mexico and Guatemala and is expected to grow to 15,000. 

A large number of the migrants hail from the countries whose leaders were excluded from the summit while others come from Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, India, Bangladesh and some African countries. 

Foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner slammed the US President in a tweet which read: “Joe Biden’s open borders approach is a monumental disaster. 

“This is a president who simply does not care about US sovereignty, border controls and preventing illegal immigration.”

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The ever-growing migrant crisis is causing a headache for President Biden as one of the key issues for voters and a contributor to his waning popularity. 

According to US authorities, they stopped migrants over 234,000 times in April, in what is a 22-year high, surpassing the previous figure of 209,906 set in March.

Resources on the border are at full capacity when just 5,000 migrants attempt to make the crossing every day. 

This signals bad news as Biden’s administration attempts to lift pandemic restrictions on migrants.

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Title 42 was implemented by the Centres for Disease Control and allowed border agents to quickly remove migrants. 

Since its implementation, it has expelled nearly 2 million migrants which is why conservative-led states filed a suit to not lift the policy on May 23. 

Despite Biden’s administration insisting it should be lifted as it is not an immigration order, the policy has backing from both Democrats and Republicans. 

The Department of Homeland Security has estimated that up to 18,000 migrants a day will flood the border when Title 42 is removed.

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