Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

Boebert challenger Kerry Donovan pauses fundraising, blasts new redistricting map

Democratic State Sen. Kerry Donovan is suspending her campaign’s fundraising efforts to unseat Republican Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, she told The Denver Post on Monday.

Donovan was drawn out of the 3rd District in the final map approved last week by state’s independent redistricting commission; it keeps her hometown of Vail in the 2nd Congressional District.

Donovan criticized the map, which still needs to be approved by the state Supreme Court, as anti-competitive. As it stands, it would lean — heavily, in some cases — for Democrats in four districts and Republicans in three.

The map creates a new, competitive 8th District north of Denver and preserves advantages for all seven Congressional incumbents in Colorado. Recent election results suggest a seven-point edge for a generic Republican in the new 3rd District; Boebert won her 2020 race by 6.2 points.

Donovan noted that Democrats control statewide government and that Colorado in general is trending blue.

“But we could end up with an evenly split congressional delegation? That distribution does not represent the will of the people in the state,” she said.

Donovan lives and votes in Vail. Her family’s Edwards ranch is presently at the edge of the 3rd District, but the new approved map puts it just inside the 2nd District — meaning Donovan can no longer claim any form of residency in the district.

Congressional candidates are not required to live in the districts they’re running to represent.

Despite her pause on all fundraising efforts, she said she’ll continue meeting with voters and will decide whether to stay in the race or drop out at a later date.

There are nearly a dozen candidates running for the seat, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

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