Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

‘Bojo’s biggest enemy is his incompetence!’ Boris should be ousted by Reform UK – poll

Tory MPs 'can't trust what their leader's saying' says Richard Tice

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In an poll of 4,532 people, held from December 7 to 9, 63 percent of voters said Reform UK pose the biggest threat to the Prime Minister and the Conservative party. The Reform UK party says it stands against mass immigration, the BBC, and total independence from the EU.


Former Brexit Party chair Richard Tice told The Guardian that Reform UK was shifting its focus from so-called culture war issues to concentrate on taking on Mr Johnson’s “party of high taxes and high regulation”.

“I’ve started to call them the Con-Socialists, because they genuinely are no longer standing up for what most Conservative voters believe is a fundamental principle of being a conservative,” Mr Tice told The Telegraph.

Just 11 percent of votes said Labour pose the biggest threat, while seven percent of voters opted for the Reclaim party, five percent chose Ukip, one percent said Lib Dems, and another one percent said Greens.

Express reader Sid June said: “Give Richard Tice and Reform UK a chance at running this country – they should be an improvement on the present gangs.”

John Jeffery added: “The Reform Party (mainly ex tories) are on manoeuvres, Boris. You have been warned.”

A reader going by “Redtoon1892” raged: “Johnson will do or say anything to deflect attention away from illegal immigrants, soaring “green” taxes and fuel prices, total betrayal of pensioners, out and out sleaze, disaster of E10 fuel, our local station has started selling E5 again, and dragging his feet with the EU.

“It is becoming clearer every day that Boris has no intention of fully leaving [the EU]; betrayal of Northern Ireland, betrayal of UK fishermen, porous airport borders and lying every time you open your mouth. and you parading around impersonating a police officer.


Other readers claimed that Boris Johnson’s biggest enemy is himself.

An Express reader nicknamed “Thucydides” said: “The biggest threat to Boris Johnson is Boris Johnson’s ego.

“He has been found out and only village idiots still trust him.”

Reader “Burstone274” agreed: “His biggest enemy is his own INCOMPETENCE! He has the majority to do pretty much anything. Why does he not use it to build a much better Britain rather than dilly dally about making promises we now know he will never keep?”

“Oberon11” described the Prime Minister as the “author of his own demise” and added that the “UK needs a strong PM, not a weak clown”.

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The results come as leaked footage showed Mr Johnson’s then-press secretary Allegra Stratton laughing about a Christmas party at Downing Street not being socially distanced, at a time when Britons were told not to visit their loved ones dying in hospital.

She has since resigned, and Mr Johnson repeatedly claimed he was sad to see her go, that she will be missed, and that she was very good at her job.

A senior Conservative told the BBC, the Owen Paterson corruption scandal showed the Prime Minister “didn’t think the rules applied to his friends”.

The source added: “This video demonstrates that’s widely shared in No 10 by senior political advisers.

“People prevented by the Government from seeing loved ones at end of their life will conclude they were taken for fools.”

What’s your opinion? Do the Reform party have a chance at leadership? Let us know in the comments section below.

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