Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Boris issues desperate ‘super Saturday’ plea as Brits warned about ‘reckless behaviour’

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Ahead of the so-called “super Saturday” easing of lockdown restrictions on the hospitality industry, the Prime Minister warned the disease was still a threat that could be worsened by the public prematurely abandoning social-distancing guidelines. “The shark is still out there in the water,” he said, as Downing Street urged people not to “overdo it” in the beer gardens this weekend.

In a direct message to those planning to celebrate tomorrow, the Prime Minister said: “Do not undo the sacrifices you have made with reckless behaviour.

“The public need to stay alert and realise that the threat is not over, follow the guidance and behave responsibly so that this virus cannot re-emerge in communities across the country.

“We are working through our roadmap but this could easily be undone.

“We do not want to see businesses have to close again. Here in London, the virus seems to be very much in retreat. But as I said yesterday the shark is still out there in the water.”

His spokesman added: “He does want to see people go out to enjoy themselves. He’s also very clear that everybody needs to be careful, stay alert and follow the guidance.

“The guidance is there to keep everybody safe and to control the spread of the virus. It’s hugely important that everybody follows the advice and makes sure they don’t overdo it.

“He wants people to enjoy the fact that parts of the economy will be open again. There will be lots of people that have missed being able to go out for a drink or a meal.

“But people do need to ensure they follow the rules and make sure they don’t overdo it.”

Mr Johnson issued his plea for caution in a newspaper interview yesterday.

The Prime Minister looked forward to getting his dishevelled locks trimmed once hairdressers and barbers are allowed to reopen from tomorrow.

The shark is still out there in the water

Boris Johnson

“I will be having a haircut as soon as I can. It’s booked,” he said, adding: “I’m starting to get dreadlocks at the back.”

He also looked forward to a pub visit and a night out with his fiancée Carrie Symonds.

“We have plans, we are definitely going to mark the event,” he said.

Mr Johnson rejected suggestions that his treatment for coronavirus in the intensive care unit at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital had altered his views, making him more cautious and less opposed to Government intervention.

“People keep asking me this in a sort of slightly, you know, hopeful way, as though there is some particular characteristic of mine that they hope will somehow have changed, that I will have evolved in some way into some new order of primate,” he said.

“I’m very much the same as I was. I had fantastic care in St Thomas’ and really will be indebted forever to the nurses and doctors and all the medical staff. Many, many thousands were much less lucky than me and we have to think about them.

“The best thing I think we can do now is to fix the damage, to fix the crisis, to get the disease under control.”

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