Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Boris Johnson ‘betrayed’ the fishing industry to get Brexit done – ‘Biggest betrayal’

Brexit: Retired civil servant discusses fishing row

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Last year, the Prime Minister signed the historic Brexit trade deal with the European Union. However, a former MEP has lashed out at Mr Johnson and claimed he has betrayed the fishing communities and has only got half of Brexit done.

Former MEP June Mummery told “I can’t tell you how betrayed I feel by Boris.

“He has betrayed the fishing industry and coastal communities.

“But the biggest betrayal is our ocean and Mother Nature. He has betrayed them as well.

“Our ocean is in crisis. It is betrayal.”

She went on to say how when Britain departed the EU, the UK should have “taken full control back” and she had great hopes.

Ms Mummery continued: “I thought we would take back control.

“We would rebuild our coastal communities.

“The UK could have been one of the best sustainable fishing industries in the world.

“At the moment, the problem is we have no fish. There is no fish out there.

“The Channel is barren because there are still 1,700 EU vessels trawling our waters unpoliced. No one is looking at that.”

The former MEP went on to add how she does not see any positives going into next year and said the UK still has “four more years of this”.

Ms Mummery added: “I do not see any positives going into 2022.

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“We have a bunch of clowns negotiating.

“We have four more years of this.

“After four years, we are still tied to tariffs, aviation and energy.

“We are being sold out.”

She went on to accuse the 186 coastal MPs of also betraying their constituents and demanded more new “bums on seats” on Parliament.

Ms Mummery continued: “They are a disgrace. I blame 186 MPs who have done absolutely nothing.

“They are the betrayers. They have betrayed their constituencies.

“The people trusted them. The whole thing is sad.

“How can we be an independent nation when we cannot control our own waters?”

In December, the UK and EU finally reached an agreement on catch limits for 2022.

This gives an estimated £313 million of fishing opportunities for the UK.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said the agreement makes a “strong foundation” and secures “certainty” for the incoming year.

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