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Boris Johnson FURY: PM heckled as he visits flood-hit town ‘Do your f****** job!’

The Prime Minister arrived on the banks of the River Severn in Bewdley, which has been ravaged by intense flooding over recent weeks, with high waters breaking through defences and leaving homes and businesses underwater. The Worcestershire has been among the worst-hit areas in England following the wettest February on record. During his general election campaign, Mr Johnson pledged to “get Brexit done”, and also vowed during the visit to “get Bewdley done” as he spoke to residents affected by the floods.

He said he was “so sorry to hear it” when he heard homes had been overwhelmed by as much as 2ft of water.

As Mr Johnson walked through the town centre, several teenagers asked him to stop for a selfie on the bridge, and he happily obliged with a smile and thumbs up.

But as he walked back to the river bank, one man shouted “do your f****** job”, while other onlookers also shouted “traitor” at the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has come in for criticism and has been branded a “part-time Prime Minister” by Jeremy Corbyn because he had yet to visit towns devastated by flooding.

The visit comes as recently-appointed Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged to double flooding for flood defence to £5.2billion when he delivers his first Budget to the country on Wednesday.

The new funding will be available from next month, and is expected to be targeted in every region of the country.

The Prime Minister also spoke to the Environment Agency and they discussed “what permanent defences can we put in and what’s the business case”.

But Nigel Farage has also launched a stunning attack against Mr Johnson, admitting he agrees with Mr Corbyn’s claims he is a “part-time Prime Minister”.

Jeremy Corbyn’s parting shot to UK politics is his accusation that Boris Johnson is a “part time Prime Minister”. I’m sorry to say this is not unjustified

Nigel Farage

Writing in today’s Sunday Express, Mr Farage said: “In times of trouble, leaders must lead. But doubts are growing in my mind when it comes to Boris Johnson’s ability to steer the nation through tricky waters.

“Where has the optimism gone? Where is the spirit of “Get Brexit Done”, the mantra that was repeated with such conviction by the Conservatives that it carried them to a general election victory 12 weeks ago?

“Jeremy Corbyn’s parting shot to UK politics is his accusation that Boris Johnson is a “part time Prime Minister”.

“I’m sorry to say this is not unjustified.

“Britain is crying out for strong leadership, especially after Theresa May’s dismal stint in Number 10. Johnson needs to step up a gear.

“When things go wrong, people expect to see their leaders at the scene.

“Take the recent floods. While the scale of this natural disaster is nowhere near that of the Blitz, when Churchill and the King visited victims, it has heaped misery on thousands of people.

“Bafflingly, Johnson has not bothered to show his face in the affected areas.

“This is in sharp contrast to President Trump. In the last few days, a tornado killed 25 people in Tennessee. Trump was in the area swiftly, offering his condolences and promising government help.

Mr Farage added: “Likewise in 2014, the Somerset Levels suffered appalling flooding.

“Owen Paterson, then the Environment Secretary, visited. He talked to people about the problems the flood caused. Before long, he helped set up a new management regime for the area, with dredging back in operation and the demands of the eco-warriors ignored.

“Guess what? In the recent flooding crisis, Somerset has been unaffected. This example shows that leaders must lead but they can also learn and then act.

“This country wants to like Johnson, but when he ignores those in peril, it makes that job more difficult.”

Mr Johnson has attempted to defend his absence from flood-hit areas, and on Thursday claimed he had been told to stay away by emergency services to avoid distracting the recovery effort.

The Prime Minister said in an interview on ITV’s This Morning: “I’m obviously working round the clock on all types of things, as the Government is on the flooding.

“What we’ve been doing is making sure that homeowners get the support that they need.”

“I’m very proud of the work that the emergency services do.

Pressed on whether he would visit, he said: “I think it’s very important actually when a flood is going on – let me give you a direct answer – they said to us what happens when you go to a flood is you arrive and everybody has to down tools, the gold command, the ambulance, the fire, everybody, the Environment Agency, they all they will meet for an hour or more to brief you when they could be getting on with the emergency.”

“What we will be doing is making sure that communities get the support they need.

“They said to us, all you’ll do is just distract us and disrupt the business of helping people with the immediate crisis.”

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