Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Boris slams BBC for ‘frivolous, vengeful, partisan’ coverage of Christmas partygate

Boris Johnson: Things are 'perilous for the PM' says John Craig

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The Prime Minister thinks the public broadcaster should have focused its coverage on the latest news regarding Covid-19 and the necessity of a booster jab. According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Johnson considers it was the BBC’s “primary duty” to inform the country on the ongoing vaccination rollout while “Omicron is starting to rip.”

In a conversation with friends, the Prime Minister was reportedly furious and labelled the media coverage of the Christmas parties controversy as “shamefully frivolous, vengeful and partisan.”

He said the BBC’s exhaustive coverage of the party scandal had “wasted” too much “public time and attention,” as the Government had just initiated new Covid restrictions to slow down infection rates.

The so-called partygate led the BBC bulletins, Radio 4’s Today Programme and Question Time. Still, one particular piece written by the outgoing Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg incensed Number 10 in recent weeks.

A Downing Street source told Ms Kuenssberg that there was “a lot of concern inside the building about the PM.”

The BBC did not comment on Boris Johnson’s reported accusations.

Although he will have to face dissent among his own ranks next week as MPs are set to vote for new Covid restrictions, Mr Johnson has vowed to stay on as Tory leader and fight the next general election.

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday, Mr Johnson said he would have to “disappoint” those who think his time has come.

He said: “What nonsense. I can imagine there may be people who wish to see this. I don’t know who.

“But I’m afraid I am going to have to disappoint them.

“I think the UK is the greatest place on Earth, and being Prime Minister is probably the greatest job I could ever do.

“I also think that not only will this Christmas be better than last, but next year is going to be much, much better, and there’s a huge amount to look forward to.”

However, one ex-minister seemed less hopeful, saying: “It’s been a torrid week, and support is draining away.

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“It’s not terminal for Boris yet, but he needs to get a grip now, get some grown-ups into No 10 and make some big changes. But if nothing happens, things can only get worse.”

Another MP said: “Boris has another tough week ahead, littered with pitfalls and banana skins. If he reaches next weekend in one piece, he could make it to Christmas in time to regroup for the new year. If he has another bad’ un, all bets are off.”

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