Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

‘Brexit isn’t terrible the DEAL is’ Farage says he’s 75 percent happy with post-Brexit UK

Farage blasts Barnier after saying 'He told me I was small-minded!'

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Nigel Farage reflected on the Brexit debate over the past few years and while the Brexiteer confessed he was 75 percent happy with how things have played out, he was still angry at the current deal the UK is working on. Mr Farage went as far as to say that Northern Ireland was now an “annexed foreign country” because of the Protocol as the UK was able to secure its own future but still had one glaring issue. The former politician also attacked critics of Brexit who portrayed voters as “knuckle-draggers” as he blasted the “patronising” behaviour of his political opponents.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Farage was asked by host Alex Phillips where he believes the “big picture” of Brexit is currently. 

Mr Farage reflected on the debate over the past few years and recalled while Brexit was a “shock result” due to the polls not predicting its success, he points out many people have spoken to him about the positives of the decision. 

He said it was the “right thing to do” as it has now allowed the UK to make its own decisions and follow its own path which benefitted the country during the pandemic. 

But the former Brexit Party leader still had one gripe with the debate which was the deal that was arranged as he erupted at Theresa May and her ‘surrender package’ deal she presented.

He told the programme: “The problem is the Brexit deal was always a dreadful deal.

“Mrs May’s surrender package that she came back to Chequers with that saw the resignation of David Davis the Brexit secretary.

“Then, after he found out which way the wind is blowing Boris resigned too and what we got was another Brexit deal but it was different, and it was better than the first deal.

“If I was being kind to Boris I’d say look, he was given a very bad hand of cards by Mrs May.

“So in the end the price that’s really paid is Northern Ireland which is now effectively a foreign country annexed away from the UK.”


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