Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Brexit LIVE: EU plot to bring UK into its ‘regulatory orbit’ exposed by Remainer ex-MEP

Brexit: 'No way' UK can have passporting outside EU says Beaune

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Ex-MEP Brendan Donnelly said Brussels would “inevitably draw the UK in over time” to follow bloc rules and regulations following claims made by Brexiteers the EU would eventually cease to exist. Mr Donnelly, who has stood in recent elections for the Rejoin EU party said on Twitter that any move would “make nonsense” of the UK “regaining sovereignty” after Brexit.

He added: “The delusion that the EU will cease to exist is central to Brexiter analysis.

“Unless it disappears, the EU will inevitably draw the UK over time into its regulatory orbit, making nonsense of ‘regaining sovereignty.’

“Much more comfortable to assume the EU won’t exist anymore.”

It comes after ministers unveiled proposals to slash Brexit red tape by reforming and modernising the way regulations and rules are set in Britain.


The UK Government argues the UK has the “freedom to make and implement rules that put British businesses and consumers first”.

Whitehall sources said the move would “save businesses” from “overbearing bureaucracy” and “reduce costs for consumers, whilst boosting competition, innovation and growth across the economy.”


8am update: UK Government urged to take action on setting up Trade Commission 

The SNP has blasted the UK government on its failure to deliver on its promise to urgently establish a statutory commission to scrutinise future trade deals on behalf of Scotland’s farming sector.

Ministers promised to establish a new statutory Trade and Agriculture Commission to scrutinise future trade deals and to ensure that farmers and crofters across the UK would not be undercut and squeezed out as a result of any trade deals.

However, amidst concerns from the farming industry that the Australian deal would set a precedent for lower standards and prices for future trade deals, the commission has still not been established.

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