Sunday, 7 Aug 2022

Brexit LIVE: Petty EU ‘holding back’ on financial services deal due to dislike of Boris

Dominic Raab dismisses EU threat to City of London

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak was hoping to agree a deal over the British financial sector’s role in Europe, which would allow for mutual recognition of financial service rules between London and Brussels. But despite a “memorandum of understanding” being provisionally agreed in March this year allowing for engagement on financial industry matters, no “equivalence” deal for the sector has been signed.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said the lack of the movement from Brussels was because EU officials do not “trust” the Government.

He added: “Because Boris Johnson has reneged on agreements, lied, played populist politics and not been a straight negotiator, and you can understand why British business is concerned about his approach.

“I talk to British people in business, in the City, who are worried that we are not sitting around the table making the best of the deal we’ve got.

“Making the best of the deal we’ve got means getting a deal for financial services, it means getting a deal on mutual recognition of professional qualifications — all the critical things the Liberal Democrats warned about and the Brexit deal failed to deliver.


“We said these things for our financial services, for our broader economy, for our services sector, which is essential and must be in the deal, and the government failed to deliver.”

However, a Government source hit back at the Lib Dem claims and made clear they were not the “ones to blame”.

They added: “The European Commission is being unduly difficult in this respect.

“We continue to engage with European counterparts and strongly encourage movement.”


7:30am update: Waiters grill Dominic Cummings on Brexit during holiday 

Dominic Cummings spent three hours debating politics including Brexit with restaurant staff after they said they did not want to serve him, forcing senior management to intervene. 

The former Downing Street aide was understood to have entered into a lively discussion with waiters at The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool, Scottish Highlands. 

In a statement on their Facebook page, they added: “In the interests of transparency, and for everyone to be cognisant of the situation, senior management discreetly made Mr Cummings aware of the strength of feeling, but reassured him that he and his party would still be served in the manner any guest would expect.

“Mr Cummings took this on board, said he understood that passions could run high, and then offered to speak to any members of staff that had an interest in discussing the issues.”

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