Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Brexit LIVE: Truss makes huge breakthrough in US trade talks as tariffs slashed by 25%

Brexit: Barnier says things will be 'more difficult' for UK

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The UK’s Trade Secretary is making strides in US trade talks, having met with Dr Jewel Bronaugh, the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, yesterday. Ms Truss is aiming to strengthen economic ties with the White House over a five-day visit to the US.

Ms Truss took to Twitter after a successful day of negotiations yesterday.

She wrote: “Great to see Dr Bronaugh @USDA on agri trade:

“Pushing to lift ban on UK lamb exports, US is world’s 2nd largest importer.

“Welcoming return of British beef exports to the US.

“Cooperation on climate.

“I gave her British Stilton to celebrate the removal of 25 percent retaliatory tariffs!”

Securing a good deal with the US is crucial, as America is currently the UK’s largest single trading partner, with total trade reaching over £196bn ($252bn) in 2020.

Trade between the two countries also supports over one million jobs in each other’s economies.

The remainder of Ms Truss’s five-day visit will see the minister speak to leading Democrats and representatives from the tech industry, to discuss how a free trade agreement could set high standards for digital trade, according to a Government statement.


11.20am update: This is subjugation’ Brexiteers outraged as EU demands UK play by its rules

The EU has been accused of trying to subjugate Britain as the row over the Northern Ireland Protocol heats up.

The Government has warned it will not be pushed into “bending over backwards” to the tune played by Brussels as both sides remain locked in the post-Brexit dispute. Furious readers accused Brussels of attempting to limit the freedoms of the UK, which left the bloc in January 2020.

A Government source said: “We want to find the best way forward for Northern Ireland, we are confident of a suitable arrangement.

But we won’t simply bend over backwards as we need to ensure the protection of the Belfast Agreement in all its dimensions. It’s an extremely delicate balance.”

10.30am update: Brussels Brexit plot exposed: EU ‘antagonising’ tensions to break up UK – MP attacks

A Brexiteer has issued a scathing attack against the EU while exposing its plans to break up the UK.

Despite the issues in Northern Ireland, Sir John Redwood claimed the EU was attempting to turn the country into a “full and permanent member” of its single market.

While the Northern Ireland Protocol was created to stop the creation of the border in Ireland and retain Northern Ireland as part of the UK customs territory, the MP for Wokingham insisted Brussels was using the “extreme interpretations”.

Such are the extreme measures the EU has taken, Sir John warned Boris Johnson has been too tolerant of Brussels.

9.40am update: Brexit fury as fishermen list ‘litany of frustrations’ with EU deal

Brexit fury is mounting as British fishermen have been handed only “red tape and disappointment” after being promised a bounty of opportunities, a Scottish Liberal Democrat MP has said.

Alastair Carmichael argued that six months on from the UK’s exit from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) the country’s ailing industry has yet to be given the big boost that was expected.

He tore apart Boris Johnson’s fishing deal with Brussels, saying it fell short of the “sea of opportunities” the Prime Minister had pledged to trawlermen.

Mr Carmichael said fishermen, processors and exporters up and down the country are “suffering from structural problems created by the new barriers put up between them and their biggest markets” thanks to Mr Johnson’s deal.

9am update: Lord Frost to stand firm! UK will NOT ‘bend over backwards’ as EU border row erupts

Lord Frost is set to stand firm against the EU and will urge them to respect UK sovereignty amid the row over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Ministers at Westminster and Stormont were closely watching the peak of the annual marching in Northern Ireland amid anger among pro-British unionists at post-Brexit trade barriers.

The Protocol is deeply unpopular with unionists and loyalists as it creates a trade border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and means EU rules governing trade in goods still apply in the region.

Ahead of a Parliamentary Statement in the House of Lords by Lord Frost later this month, the UK Government made clear the country would not “bend over backwards” to the European Union after Brussels said they had be

8.10am update: Brexit chaos as Government holds crisis talks over shortage of truck drivers

Britain is facing Brexit chaos as the Government has been forced to hold crisis talks over a shortage of truck drivers.

Officials at the Department for Transport (DfT) are said to be holding talks with industry chiefs over a sgortage of 100,000 truck drivers due to Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

One measure could be bringing in short-term visas, the Telegraph has reported.

A source said: “Everyone involved is sworn to secrecy as the Home Office is taking a very hard line. The Home Office has the final decision on this and the DfT knows it has a very tough sell, so need the very best evidence.”

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