Friday, 5 Mar 2021

Brexit revenge: EU confident Britain will be ‘back begging for a new trade deal’ in 2021

Brexit: EU feel UK will 'beg' for new trade deal says Moylan

Conservative peer Lord Moylan claimed the EU has lulled itself into a false sense of security in Brexit talks. During an interview with, Lord Moylan said the EU is not panicked about the lack of Brexit trade talk progress due to their expectations of the UK in 2021. He said that the EU believes the UK will come back begging to the EU in 2021 for a Brexit trade deal regardless of its conclusion in 2020.

Lord Moylan said: “The EU doesn’t seem to be very worried at this stage.

“The reason they are not worried is that they have persuaded themselves that if we leave without a deal Britain will be so crushed by the economic devastation they think we will be back within a month or two begging for a deal.

“At that stage, they will say ‘well you have got a deal and it is not going to be as good as it was last time but here you are, we will have a bit more fish.’

“The EU has really persuaded itself that this is true.

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“It is almost impossible to find anybody in Britain who thinks this is true.

“That is, someone who thinks the Government will go back and ask for a deal.

“They have really persuaded themselves that this is the case so they can hold out and Britain will be begging for a deal in a few months time.

“That is just very false.”

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Lord Moylan questioned what information these EU leaders were getting to believe this would be the case.

He said: “I wonder sometimes about these 27 countries, they all have professional diplomats in London representing them.

“Do these countries never listen to these diplomats? Do these diplomats never send them any news from Britain? What do they do here?”

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, earlier in the week demanded that the EU move on its red lines. 

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While speaking on TimesRadio, he argued that the UK could not move further and that it would not do so as it would jeopardize its freedom as an independent nation. 

Boris Johnson also met with European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, in Brussels on Wednesday in a bid to help finalise a Brexit agreement.

Earlier in the week the Prime Minister admitted he was optimistic about the possibilities but insisted that whatever the outcome, the UK would thrive. 

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