Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

Britons FURIOUS as Boris Johnson pins blame on EU – ‘They are obsessed with us!’

Northern Ireland: EU wants to 'punish' UK claims Hoey

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No10 has accused the EU of undermining the peace process by demanding bureaucratic checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea. Officials lashed out at the way Brussels was enforcing the Protocol, blaming the European Commission for heightening political tensions in the province.

Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson said the Commission’s approach was responsible for the disintegration of trust over the Brexit deal

But as Mr Johnson pins the blame on the EU, Britons have lashed out and urged the Prime Minister to tear up the agreement.

One reader said: “Be a man Boris and tear this agreement up!

“Why does the UK have to put up with all this?”

Another person added: “Would we allow the EU to tell us what we could send from London to Manchester?

“Sort it Johnson!

“Faith in you is falling rapidly!”

Someone else commented: “Either the EU have to move on this or we will have no other choice than to rip up the agreement with the EU.”

A third person said: “The EU must wake up every morning thinking how can we punish the UK today.

“All their time is spent on the UK.

“It’s getting an obsession with them!”

A fourth reader said: “If something doesn’t work, you ought to fix it.

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“The NI Protocol clearly isn’t working.

“The EU doesn’t want to relinquish control and is loathe to renegotiate something that’s causing problems on the ground.

“If they steadfastly refuse to talk, we should walk.

“Invoke Article 16 and scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol!”

Someone else said: “Since leaving the EU it has become even clearer just how utterly useless and inept the EU is.

“Its leadership couldn’t run a scout jamboree.”

Another added: “It’s obvious that the protocol doesn’t work, and our patience is running out.

“If the EU doesn’t bend the knee, we will leave on WTO.”

Last week tensions surrounding the Protocol appeared to have eased slightly with the EU agreeing to a UK request to suspend the implementation of some customs checks by three months.

From July 1 an effective ban was set to be implemented on the transport of chilled meats such as sausages from the UK mainland to Northern Ireland.

The Commission agreed to postpone the bureaucratic requirements until the end of September.

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