Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

Cheerio Jeremy! Corbyn dealt parting blow as Tories surge to 24 point lead over Labour

Labour is due to confirm Mr Corbyn’s successor tomorrow when the results of the leadership contest are announced, with Sir Keir Starmer red hot favorite to replace him – but a YouGov poll has underlined the daunting task of whoever gets the job, be it him, Lisa Nandy or Rebecca Long-Bailey. And speaking on Mr Corbyn’s final day, Professor Tony Travers told the left-winger had been “almost the worst person imaginable” to attract voters back to the party. Excluding people who said they would not vote, did not know who they would vote for, or who refused to answer, the YouGov poll suggested more than half of all Britons – 52 percent – would vote Conservative if there was a general election tomorrow, compared with 28 percent for Labour.

In the general election last December, the Tories took 43.6 percent of the vote compared with Labour’s 32.2 percent.

The survey was based on interviews carried out with 1,631 adults on April 1 and 2.

The findings will come as a blow to Mr Corbyn as he prepares to wrap up his five-year spell at the helm of the party, having been elected on September 12, 2015.

His time at the top has been a rocky one, and he headed off a leadership challenge just one year into his reign before reclaiming some authority with a stronger-than-expected performance in the 2017 general election, which saw him deprive then-Prime Minister Theresa May of her overall majority.

Prof Travers said Mr Johnson was undoubtedly receiving a popularity boost as the country rallies behind the Government of the day in a time of crisis.

However, he added: “The 2017 general election, where there was the unexpected narrowing of the lead with the Conservatives at the end, that was the very high point.

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“But at almost every other points for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership he’s been running well behind the Conservatives at a time when the Conservatives are often having their own problems, particularly during the period when Theresa May was being defeated in Parliament night after night.

“So although this poll is an exaggeration of the unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn, it’s by no means unrepresentative.

“There’s a complex job facing the new Labour leader, which is trying to work out how to win back not only traditional Labour voters in the north of England but separately, how to win a marginal voters everywhere because it is sensitive.

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They’ve got a double challenge and Jeremy Corbyn was almost the worst imaginable Labour leader to do that

Professor Tony Travers

“So they’ve got a double challenge and Jeremy Corbyn was almost the worst imaginable Labour leader to do that.”

Mr Corbyn’s most recent tweet shared an interview with The Daily Telegraph in which he said Labour should refuse to join any Government of national unity with Mr Johnson’s Tories.

He added: “It’s the duty of opposition parties to hold the government to account, and that is exactly what we’re doing.”

Mr Corbyn’s post prompted scathing responses, with Andrew Dimacro commenting: “That’s why you aren’t Prime Minister.

“It’s time actually for parties to unite…not criticise.”

Rob Carlyle added: “Not anywhere near well enough on your watch I’m afraid @jeremycorbyn.

“If you’d been a footballer you’d have been subbed after the warm-up.”

Bookmakers William Hill believes the leadership contest is a foregone conclusion, making Sir Keir at odds of 1/100 to emerge victorious, and 4/11 to do so after round one of voting.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “It looks done and dusted and if Keir Starmer failed to win it would be one of biggest shocks in political betting history.”

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8/1 Keir Starmer Over 60 percent Vote Share After Round One

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