Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

EU facing gas price crisis as Putin ‘has European suppliers by the short and curlies’

Energy crisis: Craig Mackinlay on usage of 'Putin’s gas'

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Political columnist Trevor Kavanagh has warned Russia’s Vladimir Putin “has Europe and its gas suppliers by the short and curlies.” Mr Kavanagh told TalkRADIO that Russia has kept a tight grip on supply as the price of gas surges by more than 10 percent. He argued that the current gas shortage crisis could escalate as Europe heads into winter, and added: “It’s possible Vladimir Putin, who is going to keep squeezing.”

Mr Kavanagh told TalkRADIO: “I think this is just the beginning.

“We haven’t seen anything yet.

“It is quite possible some as vindictive as Vladimir Putin, who has the whole  Europe and its gas suppliers by the short and curlies, is going to keep squeezing.

“Because he has got nothing to lose.”

“Oil prices are going up that is good for him anyway.

“Gas prices are going up too.

“So he has nothing to lose,” he continued.

“We are dependent on them on a just on time basis,” added the columnist.

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It comes Mr Putin has reportedly restricted the flow of gas into Europe putting pressure on gas supplies.

John Lough, Associate Fellow of the Russia & Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, argues that Russia has “outmaneuvered” Germany over Nord Stream 2.

Mr Lough said: “Now the whole of Europe is paying the price.”

The crisis has led the Conservative MP for Thanet South to call on the UK Government to invest in Britain’s own gas and nuclear power projects.

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Mr Mackinlay told GB News: “We are sitting on a good deal of gas if we were to embrace it, not just in the North Sea, [there are] other fields that could be exploited

“Even if we are on this trajectory of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels… they are going to be part of our fuel mix for at least another generation.”

Industry experts have warn that continued gas shortages will impact the food supply of Britain.

On Tuesday, a meat industry boss warned the LBC that turkey and pigs in blankets at Christmas might be at risk.

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