Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

‘Get a life!’ Partygate ‘obsessives’ slated as Britons ‘bored’ with Boris Johnson bashing

Partygate: Harper slams ministers for 'defending the indefensible'

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The conclusion of the Metropolitan Police’s roughly £460,000 investigation into lockdown rule breaking at Number 10 for some spelled the end of Partygate. But the release of yet another photo, this time from November 2020, showing the Prime Minster raising a drink with colleagues appears to have re-ignited the debate over whether Boris Johnson is fit for office.

Calls for the Tory leader to resign came not only from outside but also inside the party.

Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale said in a post on Twitter that Mr Johnson, by previously insisting that he did not party in Number 10, had “misled the House of Commons from the despatch box”.

This, he added, “is a resignation issue”.

While the story continues to be splashed across the papers, journalist Patrick O’Flynn insisted most British voters have stopped caring about it.

He wrote in Spiked Online: “If you are part of the liberal-left media or establishment elite, these are gripping political questions that must be obsessively further probed. If you are a normal person, they probably aren’t.”

The former MEP added the large-scale focus on the issue was also distracting away from others which Britons are more interested in being investigated.

Mr O’Flynn wrote: “For all our sakes, it is time for them to take their heads out of the Partygate rabbit holes and take a look around.

“There is a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around illicit cakes and leaving dos.”

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Voters in Stoke expressed a similar sentiment during a walkabout earlier this month.

Matt, a young musician from the area, admitted when asked about ‘Partygate’: “I haven’t got a clue what it is.”

He was, instead, concerned by the impact lockdown has had – and continues to have – on his career.

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This was the topic that kept his mind occupied, though which has received less attention in the national discussion over recent months.

Matt told “I’m a musician so the handling of the Covid pandemic really impacted my livelihood.

“I think that has a massive sway on how I find [politics].”

Downing Street is expecting another blow upon the release of Sue Gray’s report on lockdown rule breaking by those who made the rules.

The senior civil servant was pushed not to publish her full report by the Prime Minister, according to the Times, though it remains to be seen how much will be put into the public domain.

It is understood Ms Gray’s report will be released tomorrow, on May 25.

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