Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

‘Get the boosters!’ Boris pleads with Britons as he refuses to rule out Christmas lockdown

Boris Johnson says ‘we cannot rule anything out’

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Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the over 50s and 60s in the UK to bolster their protection against the virus or risk ending up in hospital. But asked by the BBC’s Fergus Walsh if a Christmas lockdown can be ruled out, Mr Johnson refused to make any concrete promises.

Mr Johnson said: “All I can do is humbly repeat the mantra, and that is we don’t see anything in the current data that leads us to think we need to go to Plan B.

“But clearly we cannot rule anything out”.

He added: “The most important thing to prevent further NPI’s (non-pharmaceutical interventions) being taken is to get the boosters!

“The numbers are climbing, the GP’s are hitting it out of the park again…

“We are now at 75 percent for the over 70s.”

But he stressed “we need to see those 50 plus groups and the 60 plus groups” to come forward and get their booster jabs.

The Prime Minister highlighted his demands are down to the fact that this age group can “very, very easily” end up in hospital.

He warned: “That is the best protection we can have”.

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