Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

Greenprint: taxes on cars and planes key to Shapps’ strategy to cut emissions

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In a raft of proposals to reduce emissions, a ban on selling HGVs by 2040, cheaper public transport and more electric vehicle charging points are also under consideration.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told MPs yesterday it was a “comprehensive yet urgent strategy to end transport’s contribution to climate change within the next three decades”.

Documents published by ministers show plans to shift the country from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles.

Further “carbon pricing” for flights could be introduced, while road pricing could offset the loss of fuel duty with electric vehicles.

But Mike Hawes, head of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, warned the Government needs to get a move on.

He said: “Massive investment, not least in infrastructure, is necessary and must be delivered at an accelerated pace.”

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