Friday, 12 Aug 2022

‘How can he lead the country?!’ Ed Miliband absolutely loses it at Boris over No 10 party

Boris Johnson slammed by Ed Miliband for Downing Street party

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Fury has erupted after a leaked email seen by ITV News revealed that Boris Johnson’s Principle Private Secretary Martin Reynolds invited over 100 Downing Street staff to a “bring your own booze” party on May 20, 2020. Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, Labour’s shadow climate change secretary expressed his sheer disbelief at the “flagrant” lockown flouting bash and called on Mr Johnson to resign.

Mr Miliband slammed:  “I couldn’t really believe this story when it came out because it is so clearly a flagrant breach of the rules to invite 100 people to a party.

“It is at odds with what government was telling people, it is at odds with what the Prime Minister was saying only a few days later to a member of the public who asked him what should she do if she saw people in the park mixing with people from more than one person from other households!”

The former Labour leader went on to stress that the Prime Minister “cannot hide behind” an inquiry he has launched into the alleged breaches at Downing Street, as he demanded “he’s got to tell us” what happened.

The Labour MP hammered: “He will know if he was at the party or not, he has got to tell us was he at the party or not!”

But going further, Mr Miliband questioned how Mr Johnson can “possibly justify” the latest leaks adding that “he appears to have misled the House of Commons when he said no rules were broken by him”.

He slammed the latest revelations as “incredibly grave and incredibly serious”.

Asked what would happen if it emerged Mr Johnson was at the alleged 100-person bash, Mr Miliband slammed the Prime Minister’s position as “very difficult” 

He said: “How can he lead the country through these difficult times, get people to follow public health advice if he has so flagrantly breached the rules! This is a party invite!”

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