Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

‘I can make your life difficult’ Lindsay Hoyle in dire warning to MPs undermining Commons

I can make your life difficult' Lindsey Hoyle in dire warning to MPs

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The Speaker of the House of Commons warned MPs against disregarding the correct way of doing things in the house. Speaking to GB News, Sir Lindsay said: “I was elected to serve this house, I was elected to serve all the members of Parliament and that’s why I gave up my political membership. I’m independent but I am the voice of all those MPs.

“They are elected to serve in this house, not elected to listen to Sky or GB News whoever it be.

“They were elected to come into this house and listen to ministers and Prime Ministers making the statements here because in the end, their constituents sent them to this house and quite rightly this house must hear it first.”

He added: “Like anything, if you’re going to try make my life difficult then I could also make your life difficult.

“If you want to take this house and disregard what I expect you to do, do not be upset when certain decisions will be taken.

“I don’t fall out with people, life’s too short but if you want to work against me then I will also work against you as well.”

It comes as Sir Lindsay said he will play “hardball” with the Government, as he expressed disappointment that the Prime Minister did not announce the national emergency caused by the Omicron variant in Parliament.

Ahead of a Covid update from Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Sir Lindsay Hoyle told MPs: “Before I call the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care I want to put on record my disappointment the Prime Minister is not here to make this statement.

“Can I say, last night when the Secretary of State called me to say that the Prime Minister felt the need to make the announcement to the country yesterday, I am surprised that he did not therefore think it appropriate to come to this House to answer questions to announce it today.

PMQs: Hoyle shuts down ‘shouting’ backbenchers

“I have got to say I have respect for the Secretary of State for Health but I am really, really disappointed that once again this House has become second runner-up to TV news.

“Not acceptable.

“If this is a game we are going to play, we are going to have to play hardball.”


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A major incident has since been declared in London amid “huge concern” at the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant across the capital.

It comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “incredibly worried” about staff absences in vital public services including the NHS, fire service and police due to rapidly rising cases.

The declaration of a major incident will allow authorities to work together and support each other to reduce service disruption and allow more time to give out booster jabs, the mayor’s office said.

Mr Khan said: “The surge in cases of the Omicron variant across our capital is hugely concerning, so we are once again declaring a major incident because of the threat of Covid-19 to our city.

“The Omicron variant has quickly become dominant, with cases increasing rapidly and the number of patients in our hospitals with Covid-19 on the rise again.”

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