Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021

‘It’s like Corbyn WON’ Tories urge Boris to ‘get a grip’ of hard left protesters

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Some backbenchers are understood to have told party whips the protective measures on the monuments are an admission that police are losing control of the violent fringe of the anti-racist protest movement.

One MP said: “It’s as if Jeremy Corbyn won the election, the hard Left are literally running riot in our country.”

The MP said he had been telling whips of the need to “get a grip” on the situation over the last two weeks to stop the Tories from losing their reputation as the party of law and order.

Other Tory MPs yesterday spoke out in dismay at the covering of national monuments to protect them from vandalism during the protests.

Jacob Young, MP for Redcar, wrote on Twitter: “So sad that rioters can’t be trusted not to attack the Cenotaph, so much so that they now feel the need to board it up.”

Alexander Stafford, MP for Rother Valley, said the covering of the Cenotaph marked a “sad day”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Those that want to attack this symbol of freedom and liberty make me deeply ashamed.”

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