Monday, 20 Sep 2021

‘It’s the right balance!’ Peston savaged by Boris as he demands immediate restrictions

Boris Johnson insists UK is following the 'right balance'

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Boris Johnson addressed the country during a coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday afternoon. He detailed the importance of continuing the testing and vaccine programmes as the country heads into the winter. While taking questions from journalists, ITV’s Robert Peston questioned why the Government would not introduce preventative measures ahead of the expected increase in cases of coronavirus as we head into winter. 

Mr Johnson quickly snapped back at Mr Peston and claimed the UK had strikes the correct balance based on where the pandemic currently is. 

He also praised Britons both as citizens and businesses for taking responsibility for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

He also reiterated the importance of taking the vaccines due to their ability to reduce the chance of catching the disease, suffering from severe symptoms, and death. 

Mr Peston asked: “Obviously we are all relieved the way in which the vaccine reduces severe disease.

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“While being double vaxxed, myself just recovering from coronavirus.

“But, as your chart shows, the numbers going into hospital are four times what they were a year ago, deaths are five times what they were.

“As you pointed out, we are about to get colder weather, we are going to be indoors more, kids are going back to school.

“What is the argument for not taking mild suppressive measures now as a preventative measure?”


Boris Johnson questioned on his winter Covid plan

Mr Johnson replied: “Because the vaccines have made a huge difference in reducing mortality.

“The ratio of cases to serious disease and death is vast.

“We are continuing to advise everybody to be sensible and responsible.

“Plan A, what we are doing at the moment, is telling people to think about using a face covering while in a confined space and for meeting people you don’t know.


“Wash your hands, use ventilation, get a test and stay at home if you feel unwell.

“These are very important restrictions that I think are part of the ways we behave responsibly.

“I think that is the right balance given where the pandemic is at the moment and given what we have been able to achieve.

“I think the priority should be the 5 million more people who could get a vaccination and haven’t yet done so.

“Those are the people we should be now encouraging to come forward and get your jab.”

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