Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Keir Starmer dodges Andrew Neil’s question on ‘secret, shadowy money’ deals FOUR times

Sir Keir Starmer faced questions over which financier gave his Labour leadership campaign £100,000 as BBC’s Andrew Neil asked who his top five biggest donors are. Mr Neil said: “It’s causing you a problem. Len McCluskey said that you’re having secret financiers sitting in the shadows. You could solve that tonight by saying everyone who had bankrolled your campaign will be made public.”

Speaking on BBC’s Andrew Neil show, Mr Starmer said: “I’ve got a compliance team in place who are checking every donation is in accords with the rules.

“Once they’ve done that they pass them to the parliamentary authorities to publish it.

“Two lots have gone up, another has gone to the parliamentary authorities today. We’re following the rules so that everything can be published.

“This line of attack on me that I’m following the rules which the Labour Party said these are the rules.”

Mr Neil continued to ask: “Who has given you £100,000?”

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