Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Labour think tank names ‘stand out’ conference performance ‘Came over as really credible’

Rachel Reeves 'stood out' at Labour Conference says Harrop

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General Secretary of the Fabian Society Andrew Harrop, whose group published Sir Keir Starmer’s “The Road Ahead” pamphlet, spoke to and was asked for their verdict on the recent Labour Party conference. Mr Harrop was questioned who he thought had a good performance at the event that was not Sir Keir with the think tank boss pointing the finger at Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves. He explained the frontbencher had only been in the job for a short period but delivered a rousing speech which exposed her to many voters, perhaps, for the first time.

Speaking to, Mr Harrop explained: “The most important stand-out performance was from Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor.

“[She has] not been in the job that long and many people won’t have come across her before.

“She came over as really credible, as someone who could be in Rishi Sunak’s shoes.

“Passionate about the causes she believes in and really wanting to change the economy.

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“We saw some really big announcements from her particularly on fighting climate change but she looked responsible and trustworthy as well.

“She really stressed how much she was going to look after the public finances and be responsible.”

Rachel Reeves was appointed as shadow chancellor back in May following a Labour reshuffle after the Batley and Spen by-election.

Ms Reeves took over from Anneliese Dodds and delivered a speech at the Labour Party conference which laid out the party’s economic goals.

Rachel Reeves discusses Labour's plans for tax reliefs

Among them was a £28billion plan to create more green jobs in the UK, telling the conference she wanted to be the first “green chancellor”.

Ms Reeves also said she would commit a further £224billion to invest in green technologies for the rest of the decade.

Business rates would also be removed under Ms Reeve and said she would look into the tax reliefs across the UK.

The Labour frontbencher said she would implement a digital sales tax to plug the shortfall left by scrapping business rates.

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In her speech, Ms Reeves said: “I will be a responsible chancellor. I will be Britain’s first green chancellor.

“I will invest in good jobs in the green industries of the future, giga-factories to build batteries for electric vehicles.

“A thriving hydrogen industry, offshore wind with turbines made in Britain, planting trees and building flood defences, keeping homes warm and getting energy bills down, good new jobs in communities throughout Britain.”

Mr Harrop also told he believes the Labour Party were able to “turn around” a bad start to the conference and believes the party are now being seen as a “government in waiting”.

The Fabian Society has also published research on how the Labour Party can win over 150 marginal seats to allow the party to win the next general election.

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