Saturday, 15 May 2021

Labour’s Dodds humiliated as swing voters say they ‘never heard’ of Shadow Chancellor

Labour ‘going nowhere’ says Nick Ferrari in clash with Dodds

Times Radio presenter Matt Chorley hosted a focus group to discuss the Labour Party’s progress under Sir Keir Starmer among must-win swing voters. In an embarrassing turn of events for the Shadow Chancellor, none of those asked could say who Ms Dodds was. It comes after the BBC’s Andrew Marr ridiculed Sir Keir on Sunday morning when he questioned what the Labour leader “stood for” as the party continues to struggle in the polls.

Mr Chorley asked Times Radio Focus Group guests: “Does anyone know who Anneliese Dodds is?”

There followed an awkward pause before one participant responded “who?”

“Any thoughts on Anneliese Dodds?” repeated the host.

“Never heard of her,” came the response from multiple people. 

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“Anyone?” enquired Mr Chorley before explaining: “She is Labour’s shadow to Rishi Sunak.

“She is Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, has that jogged any memories or not?” he queried.

This was met with a chorus of “No” from the members of the focus group.

“Doen’t ring a bell,” was the response of one. 

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The embarrassing knockback came after a leaked party report into its appeal found that Labour voters singled out Sir Keir’s indecisiveness on key issues.

The leaked report in the Guardian also urged Labour to “make use of the flag, veterans and dressing smartly” as part of a rebranding to win back “Red Wall” voters who switched to the Conservative Party in 2019.

The strategy document recommends that the party should deploy patriotic themes to give voters a “sense of authentic values alignment”.

A withering op-ed in the New Statesman this week questioned whether Sir Keir was still “up to the job” as Labour leader.


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Senior Labour MPs have called for former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to stand as their candidate in a future leadership challenge.

One former Shadow Minister said: “Sir Keir has missed his chance to take lumps out of Boris and his serial incompetence.

“Now the vaccination programme’s going so well, I’m afraid that Starmer’s just missed his chance.”

The former minister added how members of the Party are now turning to Mr McDonnell, a key Corbyn ally, to help rescue the party.

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