Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

‘Lot of jealousy!’ MPs opposing second jobs are merely ‘unemployable’ says Fabricant

Michael Fabricant hits out at 'unemployable' MPs

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Michael Fabricant raged at fellow MPs who are disgruntled at their colleagues pocketing hundreds of thousands of pounds through second jobs outside of Parliament. Mr Fabricant delivered a stinging rebuke of angry politicians by insulting their employability and saying they were simply “jealous” of their more skilled workmates. It comes as debates around MPs’ pay erupt following the Owen Paterson lobbying row and Geoffrey Cox pocketing nearly £1million with his second job.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Fabricant shared his assessment of MPs working second jobs and attacked his critical colleagues.

He told the broadcaster: “Yeah, I think the whole position is actually not so much how much [Geoffrey Cox] is earning.

“Because it seems to me there’s a lot of jealousy going on here from unemployable MPs.

“People wouldn’t actually employ them for a second job anyway because they have no skills whatsoever.

“[But it is also] the amount of time they’re taking [on the second job], I think that is relevant.

“And perhaps that’s something that a future committee of the House of Commons might want to look at.

“Because at the end of the day, it’s meant to be a second job, it’s not meant to be your main job and the MP thing being a sideline.

“But the jealousy, the £900,000 look, I mean, Geoffrey Cox is a QC long before he got into parliament.

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“And I’m not here to defend Geoffrey Cox but while I am here, I will.

“He actually represents a number of foreign countries in the Privy Council when they meet in the Supreme Court building for certain judgments – I’m afraid that’s what he earns.”

Geoffrey Cox has found himself at the centre of an MP second job row after it was reported he earned £900,000 through work outside of Parliament.

The Daily Mail found Mr Cox was working in the British Virgin Islands in April on a corruption case and was proxy voting while he spent several weeks there.

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While there has been no suggestion any rules have been broken, Labour has called for an investigation into the situation as they argue MPs should be present as much as possible.

It also comes as other MPs have come under fire for their second jobs following the Owen Paterson lobbying row.

It is not uncommon for MPs to have second jobs as many use their experiences outside of Parliament in consultancy or other advisory roles.

But the public now questions whether MPs should have second jobs as they believe it could distract them from politics or could negatively affect the political process through a conflict of interest.

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