Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021

‘Money talks!’ Britons pledge to boycott EU27 goods in protest of bloc’s treatment of UK

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Relations between the UK and the bloc have become strained in recent weeks, as the two sides seek a compromise over the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol. Last week European Commissioner Maros Sefcovic warned relations between the two sides would “sour” unless the situation was resolved promptly. As the wrangling continues, asked its readers if they would boycott goods in protest of the bloc’s treatment of Britain.

The overwhelming majority of readers, 96 percent (11,176 people) voted “yes”, with just four percent (423 people) saying “no”.

Less than one percent (54 people) opted for “don’t know”.

The poll quizzed 11,653 readers from 10am Monday, June 7 to 7am on Tuesday, June 8.

Readers then took to the comments to explain why they backed the boycott, with dozens saying they already avoid purchasing EU products.

One person said: “I have not bought EU goods since they showed their true colours and have tried to belittle, damage and ruin the UK!!

“I am sick of hearing the words you will and we want!!

“Let’s be totally honest why would I want to by EU wine when New World Wine is far superior, British Meat is better and our food isn’t contaminated with horse meat!!

“Also why would I want to holiday in the EU, when they openly dislike the UK, they only like what’s in our pockets!!

“Oh and by the way I voted remain, what a mug I was, well it’s leave all the way for me!!”

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Another user wrote: “There’s no ‘will’ about it we are and have been since before the referendum.”

A third said: “Already doing so. If alternatives to made in the EU I get that.”

Another reader said: “We’ve been doing that for years and will continue to do so for future years.

“Money talks it’s own language and is universally welcome.”

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One reader said: “I think it’s probably too late for the EU already.

“This boycotting of EU goods is a people driven thing which supermarkets etc will have to adapt their purchasing to.

“As EU goods decline in the shops and the replacements become prevalent people will not need to or even feel inclined to change their behaviour again in favour of EU stuff.

“I know they have lost my ‘trade’ forever.”

One user suggested the UK should severe all ties with the EU completely, and walk away from the trade deal agreed last year.

They wrote: “We agreed a deal, be it a poor deal, but a deal never the less.

“It required good common sense from both sides and its pretty obvious that the EU are intent on ensuring the UK do not succeed following Brexit.

“They are putting every barrier in place that they can. So I am happy boycotting EU goods and I am sure they will reciprocate, therefore what is the point of the deal.

“We should just break away completely, we will survive and prosper in the longer term.”

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