Monday, 8 Mar 2021

Nicola Sturgeon branded an ‘evil mastermind’ as she pushes SNP agenda despite Covid crisis

Nicola Sturgeon branded an ‘evil mastermind’ by Emily Carver

Nicola Sturgeon said she wants to hold another vote on the future of the UK “early” in the next Holyrood term. She also made it clear she will use the election campaign to try to win a mandate for another independence vote – with polls currently indicating a majority of Scots in favour of leaving the UK. But Emily Carver claimed the Scottish First Minister “took full advantage” of the Covid crisis to push her agenda.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Ms Carver said: “She took full advantage of this crisis, hasn’t she?

“To cynically push for independence, to push her agenda, to drive a wedge through our happy country.

“She’s threatened throughout this crisis to close the border with England.

“She’s finally got her wish.

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“Her record from education to drugs to crime is horrific and yet she still keeps doing well in the polls so she’s an evil mastermind.”

Her comments come as Sir Keir Starmer said Labour will argue “passionately” against holding a second Scottish independence referendum.

With ongoing uncertainty about the impact of the coronavirus crisis and Brexit, he said holding a second Scottish referendum would be “entirely the wrong priority”, dismissing Ms Sturgeon’s calls for another ballot as “misguided”.

The UK Labour leader said he was “determined to preserve and to renew the United Kingdom”.

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He promised under Labour there would be a “radical economic and political devolution across the United Kingdom” – holding this out as an alternative to the “separatism” of the SNP and the “cavalier and chaotic approach” of the Conservatives.

Giving a virtual speech, he said that the Covid-19 pandemic had put “rocket boosters” under the case for renewed decentralisation of power from Westminster.

He announced the formation of a constitutional commission – advised by former prime minister Gordon Brown – to consider how power could further be shared out across the United Kingdom.

This new commission will “make the positive case for the UK and it will champion devolution, but beyond that it will rule nothing out,” Sir Keir added.


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And while he said a “project of this scale and this urgency should be initiated by the UK Government”, he added that “in the absence of that leadership from the Prime Minister, Labour will do what is necessary in opposition”.

With Holyrood elections due to take place in May, Sir Keir also stressed the Scottish element of the commission’s work would be completed “as soon as possible”.

Here he said there was “no time to waste” as he set out how Labour would fight the next Scottish elections on the basis of opposition to a second referendum.

Sir Keir added that given the “damage and division” a fresh independence referendum would cause “no responsible First Minister should contemplate it – and no responsible Prime Minister would grant it”.

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