Monday, 17 May 2021

Nicola Sturgeon sparks feud with No10 as she rejects Johnson’s claim on independence

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon snapped after hearing Boris Johnson had claimed the coronavirus crisis had shown the strength of the Union in the UK. During the coronavirus briefing on Thursday, the SNP leader argued coronavirus should not detract away from the aspirations of the party pre-pandemic. However, the First Minister claimed attention right now should be on dealing with the pandemic. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “Some of the things Boris Johnson references are simply a feature of where power lies.

“If Scotland was an independent country just like Ireland or any of the other small countries we would be doing these things ourselves.

“In that sense, I think it is a bit of a redundant argument.”

Ms Sturgeon claimed coronavirus should take precedence right now.

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She added the pandemic does not negate the SNP’s argument for independence, however.

She continued: “On a more fundamental level I just don’t think any of us should be championing and celebrating a pandemic that has taken 1,000s of lives as some example of the preexisting political case we want to make.

“This has been a heartbreaking crisis that we are not out of yet.

“Too many people have died and all of us have a really solemn responsibility to focus on and get our countries through.

Ms Sturgeon insisted she and the SNP would continue to make decisions with the best intentions of Scotland.

She also took a dig at Prime Minister Johnson who has made a trip to Scotland today to talk about the strength of the Union.

She said campaigning for an independent Scotland was not her priority right but Mr Johnson was free to do so although she wouldn’t if she was him.

She continued: “Boris Johnson has every right to be on a campaign visit to Scotland today.


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“In his shoes, it is not how I would be choosing to spend my time given what we are facing.

“People can make up their own minds about these things.

“They can make up their minds about where they think the decisions that we are having to take right now are best taken.

“None of us should be crowing about this pandemic in a political sense, that is my honest opinion.

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