Friday, 12 Aug 2022

‘They’ll rob us blind’ Jersey fishermen rage as they prepare for ‘all-out war’ with France

Brexit: Jersey 'can't take much more' says fisherman

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GB News Security and Home Editor Mark White spoke with Jersey fishermen and highlighted their feelings towards French boats continuing to fish in UK waters post-Brexit. Two Jersey fishermen insisted that they could lose their livelihoods if French boats kept intruding in UK waters. With tensions rising, many believe France’s boats could choose to block Jersey harbours again.

The fishermen noted that Jersey fishermen would not stand for this action a second time and may retaliate.

Mr White said: “The Government here has drawn up contingency plans with Jersey electricity.

“Should the worst happen with the French either reducing or cutting off the power supply, they are confident the power station in La Collette will be able to meet the demand for a while at least.

Mr White spoke to Jersey fishermen who were worrisome of future clashes with France.

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One Jersey fisherman said: “We do lobster potting and crab potting.

“To get a living out of it you have got to do about 300 pots a day which is difficult.

“The French are going to rob us blind and we are going to be out of business.”

Mr White added: “Back in May royal naval vessels were called to Jersey to help after French boats blocked the Jersey harbour.

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“Many here fear they are about to return.

“Last time around authorities told local fishermen to stand down and not confront the French.

“But if it happens again, all bets are off.

A Jersey fisherman said: “Certain boats have had a lot of problems with the French.

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“It is just like an all-out war.

“It is a shame because they are our neighbours, and we do get on with certain boats.”

He added: “A lot of the Jersey fishermen will react this time.

“The trouble is Jersey is not fighting another island, you are fighting a nation.

“It is a hard one but I don’t think Jersey fishermen will take any more of this.”

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