Monday, 6 Dec 2021

‘This is revenge, you LOST!’ BBC’s Kuenssberg erupts at bitter Cummings in fierce row

Dominic Cummings accused of 'revenge' by Kuenssberg

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Laura Kuenssberg has challenged Dominic Cummings over a series of bombshell allegations against the Prime Minister and Government Ministers. The former Chief Downing Street adviser was confronted by the BBC Political Editor who accused Mr Cummings of pursuing a personal agenda in his very public spat with Boris Johnson. Ms Kuenssberg put it to the former Vote Leave guru that he was lashing out in revenge because he had “lost the argument” in Number 10.

Ms Kuenssberg told Mr Cummings: “A lot of people listening to you today might just think this is revenge.

“You lost the influence in Downing Street, you lost the argument, you lost your job and now you are angry so you are attacking.

“It is revenge, isn’t it?

Mr Cummings responded: “The reason why I am speaking out is I want people to be thinking about these questions, who are we governed?

“How is power actually exercised in Number 10, what sort of things should be more transparent.

“How should these power structures be opened up.”

Ms Kuenssberg jumped in: “But you could be making Dominic Cummings all of those points about how you see Whitehall work, how you see Government work, how concerned you are about structures.

“You could be making all those arguments without trying to trash the reputation of other ministers without being so personal.”

More to follow…

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