Friday, 16 Apr 2021

‘We have the momentum!’ Davidson tears into Sturgeon’s plans as SNP collapses in polls

Ruth Davidson says it’s ‘all to play for’ in election

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Ruth Davidson dismantled Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes for independence during her speech at the Scottish Conservative conference today. Speaking ahead of her address, Ms Davidson said that the Scottish Conservatives were the only party capable of stopping the SNP and the drive for independence. This comes amid a series of recent polls that show support for both the SNP and independence dropping. ahead of the Holyrood elections on 6th May.

Ms Davidson said: “The really big thing going into this election is that it’s all to play for.

“The SNP had been doing almost victory laps, claiming that they were going to win a handsome majority.

“We have now seen them fall back. They’ve had a torrid time with allegations of sleaze and cover-up.

“It’s really affected their poll ratings and people know they can stop that majority and the best way to do it is to vote for the biggest opposition party which is the Scottish Conservatives.”

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She continued: “We’re not complacent for a second – but momentum is now with us.

“As the biggest opposition party, we’re piling the pressure on to stop an SNP majority.

“No other vote can prevent an SNP majority and the independence referendum they want to hold.”

During her conference speech, Ms Davidson took aim at the SNP’s record in power.

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She said: “The SNP’s poor record of delivery across our public services, their increasingly highhanded attitude as a government that thinks it can do what it likes and get away with it, the increasing stench of sleaze and scandal. All of it is mounting up.”

“Over the last few weeks, something in Scotland has changed.

“The Nationalist bandwagon – rolling unstoppably towards their dream of a second independence referendum – is now backfiring.

“An SNP majority government now looks much less sure.”


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A poll by YouGov for The Times on Thursday saw support for independence drop to just 49 percent, with 51 percent now opposed.

The sudden and dramatic drop in polls follows more than 20 consecutive polls that showed support for independence was in the majority.

Another recent poll, for The Scotsman by Savanta ComRes, suggested 45 percent would vote Yes if a referendum was held tomorrow, while 47 percent would vote No.

Last week the SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, said a referendum could take place “as early as late 2021” if the party gains a majority at the elections.

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