Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

‘We should be grateful!’ Dominic Cummings bombshell leaks hailed for ‘stitching up’ Boris

Xmas party row: Laura Kuenssberg says 'more heads will roll'

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A political row has erupted over reports of Covid rule-breaking parties at Downing Street last year. Boris Johnson’s former aide has thrown more coal into the furnace, tweeting that “[our] focus should be [on the] actual party in the Prime Minister’s flat on November 13”. readers have expressed their delight at Mr Cummings’s bombshell reports.

Luckytwo2 branded him “the enemy within”.

They wrote: “Boris stitched up good and proper by Cummings.”

Davegroll wrote: “Well done Dominic, boJOKE HAS TO GO.”

yourp45willfollow added: “Yes, he has his faults, but we need people like Cummings with the intelligence and drive to get in among the ‘blob’ and root out incompetence and help steer us away from the rocks.”

Readers also have not forgotten Mr Cummings’s previous work, with The Duke of Diddledee noting: “We should all be forever grateful to Dominic Cummings for delivering Brexit to us.”

Other readers have highlighted that Mr Johnson should hardly be surprised by Mr Cummings’s leaks – or, perhaps, that he got what he bargained for.

BishopK wrote: “Mercenaries are loyal for only as long as they are paid to be loyal.”

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McIckle added: “If Cummings still had his job he would remain silent. He is dangerous.”

And some believe there is still more to come.

Kirsten wrote: “Love it! Can’t wait to hear what else he has to reveal.”

Mr Cummings has already hinted that photos will emerge from the Downing Street party on December 18, 2020.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “There’s lots of pictures of the parties which will inevitably get out.

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“And invite lists beyond Number 10, to other departments…”

Responding to this claim, micman1000 wrote: “Get on with it then… We want Boris gone ASAP.”

Some, but not all of the parties which are believed to have taken place in November and December last year are now to be scrutinised in an official investigation.

Mr Johnson told Parliament on Wednesday that he had been “repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken”.

But his own Director of Communications, Jack Doyle, is believed to have attended a Downing Street party on December 18, according to the BBC.

At the event, which is believed to have gone on until after midnight, Mr Doyle is said to have given out light-hearted awards amid party games, food and drink.

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