Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

‘What about the police?’ Kay Burley exposes crucial Met Police failing on No 10 party

Downing Street party: Kay Burley questions the police

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Sky News presenter Kay Burley has questioned the role of the Downing Street police guard during the alledged Christmas event which has rocked Westminster. Ms Burley remarked during an interview with Labour MP David Lammy that the police officers stationed around Number 10 would surely have known that the alleged bash was underway, the number of people who were attending, and what time the event had gone on till.

Ms Burley told Sky News: “The police were breaking up parties left right and centre they knew that they broke up a wedding with 30 odd people in it the day before this party if there was a party, happened.

“There are armed police right around the footprint that is the Number 10 Downing Street.

“How could they not have known, we are expecting the Prime Minister to have known, but the police who were guarding the gates wouldn’t have known that there were more than three dozen people inside and what time they left?

The Met Police told ” We’re not going to get into a back and forth on comments made by news presenters. Our lines on the substantive issue are as follows:

“We are aware of footage obtained by ITV News relating to alleged breaches of the Health Protection Regulations at a Government building in December 2020.

“It is our policy not to routinely investigate retrospective breaches of the Covid 19 regulations, however, the footage will form part of our considerations.”


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