Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

‘What can they do?!’ Football fans rage as Minister squirms on plan to stop super league

European Super League: Williamson details government stance

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British football fans were left stunned as Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was unable to explain how the Government could prevent the European Super League from occurring. While speaking on Sky News with Stephen Dixon, Mr Williamson repeatedly said the Government would support the FA and UEFA as a first step against the forming of a European Super League. Mr Dixon repeatedly asked what could the Government do to prevent the league from forming and what sanctions the Government would introduce.

Mr Williamson failed to explain the sanctions upon repeated askings and many viewers took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

Mr Dixon said: “There still is that very big question.

“What in reality can the Government do?

“Yes you have the Tracey Crouch review, yes you are talking to the FA and fan representatives today but in actual solid terms, these are actually private businesses.

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“Can you actually intervene in any way?”

Mr Williamson replied: “The Government would be willing to intervene if a solution hasn’t been found between UEFA and FA.

“Our first initial efforts have got to be supporting the FA and UEFA to finding a solution to this to make sure the European super league doesn’t go ahead.

“If that doesn’t come about, if that isn’t able to stop it through those means, the Government reserves its position to take further actions.”

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Mr Dixon interrupted to ask what actions and sanctions the Government could take if the issue is resolved.

Mr Williamson then failed to give any specifics, much to the dismay of football fans watching.

Viewers quickly took to social media, with one viewer saying: “Gavin Williamson on Sky News this morning speaking non-stop for almost 15 minutes without saying absolutely anything.

“This is some achievement.”

Another added: “I lost count the number of times Stephen Dixon asked Gavin Williamson what the further actions the Government will be taking against the Superleague.

“After 5 minutes of Williamson endlessly repeating the Government will take action, Dixon gives up.”

A frustrated Twitter user wrote: “Williamson said there is a whole range of sanctions the Government can take to stop the super league except that he cannot name a single example of what these are.”

“Another agreed and wrote: “No matter how much Sky News asks him this morning, Gavin Williamson won’t say what action the Government will take against the breakaway clubs.

“This is because they can’t and won’t, they don’t care.”

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