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Alesha MacPhail child killer Aaron Campbell ‘so evil he must die behind bars’

Child killer Aaron Campbell is so evil he must die behind bars, experts have warned.

The psychopath is serving time in jail for raping and murdering six-year-old Alesha MacPhail.

It’s claimed his behaviour proves he is too dangerous to be let out.

Psychologist Emma Kenny, inset, said: “Campbell isn’t just a child murderer, he’s a child molester. He’s a high-level sex offender and that makes him about as dangerous as he could be.

“To become a sadistic, child molesting murderer is about as bad as a human can be. That is what makes him so dangerous.”

Crime expert Gordon Tait added: “He’s evil. He was born evil and he probably always will be.”

Campbell is serving a term that could last as little as 24 years – meaning he is likely to walk the streets again one day.

But former detective Peter Bleksley is urging authorities to ensure that never happens.

He said: “I cannot get my head round what was going on in Aaron Campbell’s mind other than to say that I think he’s a monster.

“I don’t think it will ever be safe to release Aaron Campbell from prison. I sincerely hope he stays there for the rest of his life.” Campbell was 16 when he abducted Alesha from her grandparents’ home on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, in the summer of 2018.

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He sexually assaulted her before murdering her. She suffered 117 injuries that were later described as “catastrophic” by a psychologist.

Speaking in new true crime series Kids Who Kill, Ms Kenny said: “It’s incomprehensible for any rational human beings to imagine going into a room, seeing a beautiful defenceless, vulnerable, six-year-old and automatically thinking, ‘I want to murder her.’

“But that’s the difference between a potential psychopath and a normal functioning human being.”

She added: “You have to think that he knew he was going to be caught, so he took his time. He wanted to desecrate, violate and destroy her body because he knew that he was not going to get to do it again, and that’s what makes this so reprehensible.”

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Campbell is said to have been inspired by a warped video game that featured a faceless character who abducted children. Cyber psychologist Berni Good suspects Campbell’s hobby made violence seem normal.

He said: “Aaron was very much immersed in this game and almost fantasised, I would suspect, about the outcome of taking the virtual world that he was playing in into the real world.”

Crime expert Gordon Tait added: “The moment he saw Alesha, he said he wanted to kill her. This was his chance to act out his sick fantasy and make it a reality.”

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Police used DNA testing to discover that Campbell was involved in her death. He was charged with abduction, rape and murder.

When he faced trial he regularly struggled not to laugh – causing even more pain for Alesha’s grieving family.

Ms Kenny added: “He caused as much pain as he could potentially do.

“He lived his ghoulish dream and that’s what makes him so sinister.”

Former police officer Neil Lancaster said: “He showed no emotion. He almost seemed to revel in it. It’s a despicable, despicable case.”

Kids Who Kill: Evil Up Close, starts on March 30 at 9pm on Crime+Investigation.

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