Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Aliens to make contact with Earth today, infamous Reddit post predicted in 2014

Music loving aliens are set to visit Earth today according to an infamous Reddit post that described cultured ETs called Jack and Gina in 2014.

It said space travelers who listen to bluegrass and an African stringed instrument will appear on the "8th, but it could also have been 18th, I wasn't hearing very well."

The 1,140 word abductee's account described real-life alien probes and how ETs don't like being asked questions.

They wear clothes and understand English if you speak "loudly and slowly" – with their millennia-long Earth "program" set to change this month.

The Reddit user, who claimed to have been abducted regularly since 1987, said: "They are sort of beige, and it's clothes anyway.

"You can't understand their language. It just sounds like 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

"I don't know what they want. But they've been coming here for I'd guess at least 10 or 20,000 years.

"They cannot hear very well, or else they are not good understanding English so you have to speak loudly and slowly.

"And they don't do a lot of probing, like raping, or anything like that. That's Hollywood nonsense."

The Reddit user said the aliens asked questions about our culture and had videos of them talking to humans when the Pyramids and "all sorts of people throughout the history of Earth".

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"They NEVER let you ask questions about what they are doing. Even once I got friendly with a few of them, they just do not like it when you ask them questions. They hate it," it added.

"They are interested in all of us, in everything that goes on. They like a lot of things about our culture, too. They like some of our music. Bluegrass is their favorite so far as I've seen. They like it a lot. They LOVE that African instrument that looks like a gourd with 13 strings. LOVE IT.

"But they cannot stand horns or horn music, so they hate classical music and jazz. I think trumpets sort of sound like their language? It's a feeling that I get, but I've never been able to ask them."

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The post continued: "The two that I got sort of close with told me to call them Jack and Gina. I don't know if they are male or female or even if they have different sexes. But I know that those aren't their real names. Those are just names that they told me.

"I was up three weeks ago. That was the last time.

"The whole 'program' or whatever they call it is going to change in July, 2021.

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"They weren't trying to intimidate me or even to warn me, so I don't think we have anything to worry about.

"I hope they don't show the videos they took of me when they first started taking me up, because I was so scared and young and they are embarrassing."

The account later added: "No more questions. They are not happy with me. Sorry."

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