Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

‘App going viral on TikTok promised to take me to happiness – I ended up at pub’

It's the latest TikTok trend promising to take you to happiness.

Viral app Randonautica says it can guide you to a location depending on your mood.

The app boldly claims it can steer you to sad spots or creepy hideouts.

But following England's nail-biting triumph over Denmark in the Euros, reporter Paul McAuley was feeling in a rather good mood and decided to try it out for 2Chill.

And where better to find a happy location than Liverpool?

In short, Randonautica sends you on a random adventure to explore the world around you.

After sharing your location, setting an intention and following the directions it creates for you to the random point the app generates, in theory, you should find something relevant.

So after a quick few tap of buttons, I had secured my location, a short 14 minute walk away.

I put in my earphones, blasted some old school Madonna and was on my way.

Google maps, as always, underestimated me, I made it there in 10 minutes.

That's when I arrived at the top of the iconic Mathew Street.

Disappointed? Not in the slightest.

I can see why it took me there with the immediately recognisable Cavern Club, Flanagan's Apple Irish Pub and the statues of the beloved Cilla Black and John Lennon just being a few of the attractions available on the street.

If I thought about it hard enough I could picture the laughter and cheers coming from friends who had one too many on a Saturday night here.

A feeling I know myself too well.

What can make me happier than an ice cold pint of Magners?

It's 5'oclock somewhere but given it's morning in Liverpool, I decided to pass on the pub for now and gave the app another go, still seeking out other places of happiness in the city – perhaps a yet to be discovered gem.

Where's Jerry?

The next mysterious location was on the other side of city centre. Running out of Madonna songs and feeling inspired, I switched to The Beatles.

Before I could be serenaded with the final verse of Hey Jude, I reached the second destination.

It was, what seemed like, a mile long of vibrant graffiti sprayed on Great George Street, not far from the Cathedral.

From start to finish it felt like an avenue of childhood nostalgia.

Firstly I was greeted by Tom from Tom and Jerry before noticing a playful Hulk and Thing getting ready to fight.

There were hints of Disney included with Donald Duck making an appearance as well as the classic Mickey Mouse gloves.

Positive vibes only

One design said 'take me to Venus,' surely my happiness wasn't that far away?

At the end of the road, I reached the happy place. It was a colourful message designed in a quirky font that read 'radiate positivity' and to finish the piece, a cheerful sun was drawn beside it.

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