Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

Apprentice star steals loo rolls from pub as coronavirus empties shelves

The Apprentice’s Thomas Skinner went on the rob at his local boozer when shops sold out of toilet rolls.

The pillow flogger had popped to Sainsbury’s for a few essentials when he was frustrated by panic-buyers, stockpiling amid the coronavirus outbreak, who had grabbed every last roll.

But not to be stopped, the cheeky businessman helped himself to a couple while enjoying a pint at a pub.

Thomas, known for his Bosh catchphrase, said on Twitter: “Can someone explain to me why half the country has lost the plot and started panic buying toilet roll?

“Just popped into Sainsbury’s and they are sold out. Had to nick a couple rolls out the local boozer.”

A follower joked he could use old comics if times got really desperate rather than turning to crime.

And another accused him of running out of toilet roll as an excuse of visiting the pub.

Self-described “full time geeza” Thomas joked: “That’s what I told the misses. Got a cheeky couple in.”

The star sprang to fame in the last season of The Apprentice but went out in a double firing alongside Marianne Rawlins after the music manager task.

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But he earned himself a fond farewell from Lord Sugar who lamented: “Thomas, I like your honourability, you say it as it is.

“You give your all and if this was a war and I was a general and we were in the trenches somewhere, who would I take with me out of you lot? Him. That's what I would do, no question of it.

"But we're not in a war. I've got to go into business.”

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