Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

Baby raccoons discovered in attic of Burlington, Ont. home weeks earlier than normal

It’s being called another sign of our changing seasons and milder winters.

Skedaddle, a Hamilton-based wildlife control company, says it was called out on Thursday for the humane removal of five baby raccoons from the attic of a home in Burlington.

Raccoons don’t normally give birth until closer to April in Southern Ontario, but Skedaddle President Bill Dowd says this marks two years in a row that they’ve discovered babies in a home early than usual.

Dowd says it means “this coming spring season there’s going to be a lot of wildlife activity,” since the babies are already being born and because he says average litter sizes are typically larger earlier in the season.

He adds that people need to be “very, very diligent” in maintaining their properties, since “you definitely don’t want a raccoon or a squirrel in your attic chewing electrical wires, trampling down insulation, urinating, defacating” and causing noise and other damage.

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