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BBC Weather: Arctic temperatures to bring snow to UK this weekend

BBC Weather’s Matt Taylor has warned the UK is going to feel like its stepped back into winter as temperatures will drop this weekend bringing snow and sleet to the country. Friday will be the final day of double figures for awhile as parts of Wales will see up to 16C in some sheltered areas. But there could also be gales in southeast England on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr Taylor said: “Bit of a frosty start again this morning although temperatures not quite as low as they were this time yesterday but blue skies overhead and that will continue.

“The fog will gradually clear from York but it will remain rather murky across Scotland today with patchy rain across central and eastern parts.

“A noticeable north-easterly breeze across England and Wales and that will limit temperatures to around 9C or 10C around that coastal strip.

“It does mean in the west we could get to around 15C and 16C across some sheltered western parts of Wales.

“Through tonight the cloud we’ve seen in Scotland today will push southwards as either side of it a frost will take us into the start of the weekend and big changes this weekend in how the weather feels.

“As high pressure builds in around it we’re going to start to drag in air all the way from the Arctic, some of the coldest air we’ve seen in quite awhile.

“That will be offset by lengthening days and that stronger sunshine.”

He added: “Eventually a little bit of sleet and snow for some, especially in the north of Scotland where temperatures will be dropping throughout the day and the breeze across southern areas, will make it feel rather cool as well.

“Not quite as cold as it will feel as we go into Sunday. It’s going to feel more like a step back into wintertime.

“Plenty of cloud around, some sunny spells. There could be gales on the southeast corner and that’s going to have a big impact on temperatures.”

Weather in Europe also looks to involve an area of low pressure with wet and windy weather across Italy.

BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes noted that the low pressure had been forming as it comes across from north Africa. The weather presenter forecast that is would bring some heavy rain and also some snow.


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Mr Fawkes said: “We’ve even seen some snow down across the western side of Calabria.

“It’s down to quite low levels just for a time.

“The snowline will be rising though but there could be some further fairly heavy snow for a time at least in the Pennines during Thursday.

“At the same time, the rain is going to, by Thursday, push into parts of Greece.”

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