Sunday, 7 Aug 2022

BBC Weather: Temperatures to hit 30C amid heatwave BUT heavy thunderstorms forecast

BBC Weather: UK forecast sunny and humid conditions

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BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor has promised Britons the last of the summer sun will reach a peak today, with temperatures well into the high 20s and reaching 30C in the southwest of England. However, the weatherman also stressed that the conditions that sparked the mini-heatwave enjoyed this week will also trigger severe thunderstorms. Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast escaping the downpours will be “hit and miss” as the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “It is a case for many of you another hot day in-store today.

“Plenty of sunshine around particularly across some parts of Scotland and England.

“Where there is a few mist and fog patches around at the moment but you can see where the thickest of the cloud is, just approaching to the southwest.

“It is this that could produce some severe thunderstorms later in the day.”

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The weather presenter continued: “Already though with the cloud in place across the Channel Islands, southwest England, and Wales, and also spreading into Northern Ireland, not as much sunshine around here as we say yesterday.

“There showers and thunderstorms get going later.

“Very much hit or miss some places avoiding them altogether.

“But away from that, and the cloud is still in Northern Scotland, a good part of Scotland, northeast Wales, much of England will be dry and sunny.”

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“The sunshine a little bit hazy in places for some of you,” he added.

“But in that sunshine temperatures will be up to about 27 degrees in parts of western Scotland today.

“30 celsius towards the southeast of England.

“Only around the low twenties though compared with yesterday across parts of the south to southwest England, and Wales.”


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Mr Taylor said: “And this evening and overnight those showers very sporadic in nature will push their way northwards across the country.

“Where you see them they could be quite torrential.

“But in many places staying dry overnight.

“And tonight will be a particularly humid night…temperatures will not push away quite as quickly.”

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