Friday, 27 May 2022

Bloke accused of keeping meth-fed ‘attack squirrel’ faces new drug charges

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A man who was accused of keeping a squirrel in his home and feeding it with meth to make it attack people is facing new charges.

Mickey Joel Paulk, 39, was set to appear in court next week to face charges of possession of a wild animal, stolen property and possession of a weapon by a felon after his initial arrest.

He was then arrested for chemical endangerment of a child and trafficking meth in December last year and is facing drug and weapon charges.

Cops first issued a manhunt for Paulk and raided his home in Athens and found meth, ammunition and body armour in June 2019.

They also found a caged squirrel and said they were told that the rodent had been fed meth to influence its behaviour.

Limestone County Office confirmed that they released the squirrel back into the wild within a wooded area.

Sheriff Mike Blakely’s office said: "Prior to the search warrant, investigators were informed that Mickey Paulk kept an ‘attack squirrel’ inside his apartment, and that Paulk fed the squirrel meth to keep it aggressive.

“There was no safe way to test the squirrel for meth."

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It was reported that Paulk published a video the day after the drug bust featuring what is thought to be the same squirrel.

The rodent then shot to fame and became an internet meme with someone making it a Twitter account.

One lawyer was inspired by the squirrel and even used the story as a joke to try and recruit clients.

Paulk was indicted back in June 2021 of the chemical endangerment charge and the trafficking count in January last year, according to documents.

He has denied that he fed the squirrel meth and is set to appear in court on February 28.

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