Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Brit GP warns ‘people will die’ as coronavirus cases increase by 34 in one day

A GP has issued a stark warning about the growing coronavirus crisis from the front line of healthcare.

As it was confirmed that confirmed the number of cases in the UK has risen by 34 in a day, Buckfastleigh Medical Centre’s Dr Ian Hodgins told an interviewer from BBC Radio Devon that “people will die” before the crisis is over.

He told the DevonLive : "I think we have to take this very, very seriously as there will be Devon people who will die from this," he said.

"What the government are trying to do is slow down the transmission of it.

"It's likely this will become widespread, but if we can slow it down for long enough, maybe we can get an immunisation.”

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“But only,” he warned. “If we slow it down long enough."

"It is something that will have quite a devastating effect I think on us, and we must take it much, much more seriously.

"The number of infections is doubling every week or so. Therefore, in three to four weeks there will be 10 times as many, and three to four weeks after that there will be hundreds of times as many cases."

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He echoed government advice on fighting transmission of the virus: "The way we can get it so that fewer people get it is doing something as simple and silly like singing happy birthday when washing your hands.

"That's a valid that we should be doing to try and reduce the spread of this very, very nasty virus.”

"This is something that is increasing, and increasing and increasing, and it will be a huge thing, and it will change the way we do things such as in the regard of meeting in public places."

Dr Hodgins reminded listeners that one of the best ways of tackling the virus is maintaining good hand hygiene.

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He said: "You have got to spend a long time – 20 seconds at least – washing your hands.

"The main thing to do is to wash all parts of your hands.

“You have got to do both palms and the backs of your hands, as well as the fingers, particularly the finger tips, and under your nails and the thumbs… and going on to the wrists.”

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Hospitals in England are being asked to carry out more consultations by video to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

A major public health campaign urging people to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds has also been launched.

Boris Johnson has said that workers will get statutory sick pay from the first day they are off work to help contain the virus.

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