Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Britain facing nationwide shortage of teeth whitening kits thanks to ‘pingdemic’

Dentists are warning of a nationwide shortage of teeth whitening kits.

Gels designed to brighten up gnashers are the latest victims of the “pingdemic” and Brexit.

And experts fear the lack of products could lead many who love a whiter-than-white smile to use unsafe DIY alternatives.

Luke Snelling, of Dental Health & Aesthetics, revealed: “We have had problems with the deliveries of gels coming from Europe.

“What seems to be happening as well is other clinics have stockpiled, making it even worse, and there are now huge shortages.”

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Dentists say several dangerous trends are being circulated on sites such as TikTok.

One has seen people whitening teeth with powerful cleaning strips meant for removing stains around the home.

Specialists fear some could start brushing their teeth with industrial bleach.

Mr Snelling told us: “Clinical studies show the hypochlorite in bleach is able to dissolve soft tissue and bone.

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“Not only will it damage teeth, it will cause irreversible damage to your gums and tissues – not to mention the risks of oral cancer.”

The British Dental Association warned: “Some sites, like TikTok, give what they regard as ‘helpful’ hints to achieve [whiter teeth], though many can permanently damage your teeth.

"You wouldn’t take amateur advice for any other health concern, so why expose yourself to the danger of people who have no dental training?

“You must speak to a dental professional.”

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